Pilot AG Materials

The selection and blending of noble materials allow the realization of exceptional projects.
The marriage of materials offers an infinite number of combinations that
Pilot’ AG will be able to exploit in order to obtain the perfect result of its works.


Noble and living material. Solid, veneer or MDF. It is the basis of the profession of Pilot’ AG


Smooth, polished, engraved or sculptered. Mirror increases the space and provides brightness.


Engraved or sculptered, with inlays of gold, silver, palladium … Glass plays with the light.


Stretched, pleated or glued. Fabric gives warmth and intimacy. Leather and shagreen are exceptional materials.


Steel, stainless steel or brass … Metal integrates perfectly with the different styles and complies with all the requirements of the decoration.


Onyx, alabaster, marble, precious stones … Stone integration brings nobility and elegance to the work.


LEDs, spotlights, fiber optics. Lighting enhances and enlivens the work.


Varnish warms up the appearance of wood and metals, giving them life and sparkle.


Matt, satine, brilliant, glittered, metallized, crackled, an infinite combination of aspects and colors.


Brings depth, shine and brilliance. It allows a permanent innovation and the development of new materials.

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